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Nestled on a bed of Rose Quartz, Koh Phangan is an idyllic island in the South-East of

Thailand. Blessed with Crystal Clear Waters & a thriving Community ~ focused on yoga,

meditation, tantra & many other forms of self-help & exploring your Potential ~ it is the

Perfect Venue to come Home to yourself, with a healthy dose of Self-Love & 

Communion with/Recharging in Nature.


While most come here for a little holiday, there is an abundance of people that end up

staying! From digital nomads to yearly regulars, dedicated yogis to people who give up

their life on the other side of the world to stay. Who knows… Will you be next?!? ; ) 


There is an Abundance of classes, workshops & teacher trainings available ~ so if you are

here before &/or after the festival, you won’t have an opportunity to get bored! :)


The best way of getting around on the island is by scooter. Last year these were still

available for around 200THB/day, a little bit less if you’re lucky, and for the really new,

stronger horsepower ones 200-300/day. They do like to up the prices bit by bit every year,

but if you say you paid this much before, they might ease up a little ~ and the longer you 

hire them for, the cheaper they will get. I.e. for 1 month you can get 1 for 2,500 - 3,000THB. 

Safe Driving!