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Kabiro Eva Scheller  has been dancing Contact-Improvisation since 1994 with many different teachers from the USA and Europe. She teaches Contact-Improvisation and Hawaiian Massage since a long time and is very experienced in leading people into their own unique movement, and life-potential with love and joy. She combines contact "on land" and "in water" with the help of somatic exercises and early movement patterns. Her passion is moving from our own natural momentum and witnessing the dance in a truthful, authentic way. Sharings are always part of her dance workshops to deepen the experience into a natural, pure way of connecting.

She also co-organises the osterimprofestival.info/en/, healingheartfestival.de, summerflow.de and accompanies groups to Hawaii.

Intensive ~ CI „Breath of Dance”:

In this workshop we will move and dance in resonance with the nature around us, and meet them in our bodies as well. We can get inspired from water, stones, sand, & air etc. for our own movement qualities ~ to play, explore and use them for our contact dances. We connect with the flow of liquids in our belly and the centre within us which connects with gravity. These lead us into our movements with the earth, floor and other centres, to follow an easy flow, effortless and connected with our own dance with everything/one around us...the Dance with the Universe. By sensing and feeling all these impressions through us, we can be moved by nature, ourSelves and others.



Ingo Rosenkranz  has been involved with various movement arts & processes of consciousness for almost 30 years. He teaches Dance, Contact Improvisation & Bodywork (Shiatsu, Thai Yoga Massage, Tai Chi, Qi Gong...) & is a Holistic Systematic Coach. 

"Contact Improvisation has the potential to deeply touch us on many levels so we can develop our inner growth".

Ingo will lead us into ~ 'The Art of being Present':

"We will take our time to focus on basic skills of Contact Improvisation with an understanding of the underlying principles. How does this dance support us in being present as well as how does our presence support the dance? This exploration includes our emotional and psychological body as well as some philosophical aspects. This allows us to reconnect to our life energy as a source for ease and joy for our dance and movement research. A conscious way of communication opens the potential of integration on a deeper level."



Sus Palm:

Sus is trained in Movement Therapy, Contemporary Dance & Craniosacral therapy, as well as further trainings in Body-mind Centering, Butoh, Hawaiian Bodywork, Capoeira & Yoga among other things.

She has been teaching Contact Improv since 2004 and danced in companies like the 'Strada Compania Dansa' and 'Liquid e motion' in Ulm, Germany, where she lives with her partner Ingo Rosenkranz & their daugher Nika. In recent years she has taught at the Ulm Academy of Arts, the International Union, leading free groups as well as co-organising festivals & jams in Munich & Ulm, including her latest co-creating: the Soma Arts Festival.

Sus been working with Cranio Sacral Balancing for the last 11 years, & values this work as an Amazing Art that facilitates listening to the human system in a holistic way & supporting it back into its natural Balance. Bringing us into deep somatic relaxation, Sus will intertwine this work with Body-mind Centering & CI Dance in these 2 workshops:      

'Reconnection and Interaction': ~ Body-mind-centering into Contact Improvisation ~ 

This class is based on and inspired by body-mind-centering, embryology & the developmental movement patterns, using self-exploration and hands-on techniques to reconnect to our navel/center. Recalling the prenatal aspect of being nurtured and informed from this area we let this information develop into the present body and beyond.Evolving into 'push and pull' patterns, we open our senses, strengthen and deepen the connection to our centre, the partner and the ground.

Come, explore, play & have fun!

'Cranio Sacral Flow'  is a way of entering your state of being and your body intelligence.

By introducing the basic aspects of the cranio sacral fluid and its movement patterns we connect to the fluid system of the entire body and all fluid systems around us.

Holding space for each other we allow the body intelligence to take over and relax deeply, reconnecting the fluidity of cells and tissue, thus allowing the body to reorganise to its inner 'potency' and the greater geometric patterns interwoven through all life.

One of the greatest gifts we can share is unconditional full presence with an open heart.



Klaus Vogelsänger:

Klaus will interweave our Dance journey with his heartfelt & tuned in soundscapes. A seasoned musician at Contact festivals in Europe, he knows just how to tune into the Dancer's field & flow, complementing it beautifully with his music.

"It is always refreshing and surprising to create sound atmospheres together with other musicians. As a percussionist, it is particularly exciting to improvise ~ to allow soundscapes to emerge in the moment; with feeling, flowing and at the same time accentuated. I play Congas, Djembe, Waterdrums, Ngoni and small percussions".



Cat Jessen:

Long interested in all things Esoteric & Spiritual, Cat has spent the last 20yrs delving into Energy Healing, Philosophy, Self-help, Wellbeing, & absolutely anything related to expanding her horizons, getting past our own limitations, and reaching into our full Potential ~ a fully Blossomed Being.

On that Journey, she learned various modalities like Reiki, Theta Healing & Pranic Healing, as well as opening up her reality through endless hours of research & reading.

Her Discovery of Contact Improvisation was Love at 1st Dance! And brought her into a more Embodied version of the Liberation she had previously sought on an energetic & emotional level. This adventure further led her to the discovery of Water Work, completing trainings in Wataflow & Healing Dance®.

Since arriving on the island, she has dreamt of combining this last body of work with a Contact Festival on Koh Phangan. So it is with utmost Pleasure that she presents this event to You, & will Weave her Magic into it!

This includes her latest training in the Tao Tantric Arts, which combine Tantra, Chigong, Sacred Femininity, & an Abundance of Self- & Body-love Nourishment! <3

She is also studying Singing & Performance as part of a Bachelor of Contemporary Music in Australia, & will be lending her Voice to the event :) for a taste of her voice & music, check out these links!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCx-ywkEs40 & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8A-xqPNfGGM :)

We look forward to seeing you there : ) <3 

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                                                   Note: we reserve the right to change the program if & as needed.