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We offer you a 1-week Journey ~ 6 full days of classes & jams, + 1 day's rest in between 

filled with a rich tapestry of classes to Nourish the Body & the Senses, Honouring your

body's Boundaries & Needs, & balanced with Time out to Integrate and Recharge in Nature. 



Contact Improvisation, Yoga, Dance, Nature, Bliss, Community, Friendship, Joy, Somatic

experiences, Cranio-sacral, deep Inner Nourishment, Body-mind Centering & more... 

Honouring, Loving & Nourishing the Self ~ Body, Mind & Soul <3



Our days will be structured something like this: 

         *morning practice,


         *CI Intensive


         *time off to relax, explore, rest or connect with the community as you please!

         *afternoon class


         *evening jam. 


We aim for this to be a beautiful group journey spent together & yet invite you to always

tune into and nurture/care for your own body's & emotional needs, cultivating a field of

Respect, Love, Support, Nourishment & Care.



        The price includes All classes, jams, as well as 3 healthy, Nourishing daily meals,

        excluding the day off:

               €270 ~ Early bird price, if paid in *full* by December 12th 2017!

               €280 ~ Early bird price, with deposit paid (min. €140) by December 12th,

               €330 ~ Full Price.


        Note: Payments are possible into a European or Australian account.

              We reserve the right to change the program if & as needed.